Five Classiest Luxury Cars To Be Chauffeured In

Let\’s be more realistic; we all crave to enjoy some comfort level, most especially when driving. Even though it is a known fact that driving is fun mostly with luxury cars, we still want to stay back, relax and enjoy being driven by someone else to wherever we choose to be. Manufacturers of cars have a history of making luxurious cars and designed for chauffeurs to carry royalty, moguls and politicians, while other car manufacturers have continued to add style and class to already existing models to meet the need of passengers in the backseat. Features are ranging from champagne chillers to more comfortable seats that give you a feel of being massaged. If you are one of those that enjoys class, then this article is meant for you as you shall get to see the best five cars for being chauffeured. 

  1. Rolls-Royce Phantom

This ride is the kind of car to be chauffeured in. This car, which is the seventh generation of the Phantom, has been in existence since 2003 and comes with various designs. When it comes to customization, the Rolls-Royce Phantom is not left out as every part is hand-built to meet personal specifications and the back seat is also classy, specifically made to fit a king personality. The Rolls Royce Phantom passengers seat comes with coach doors that automatically open from the centre, and passengers get to decide on either using lounge seats or individual seats, separated by a centre console that serves as a place for a drink cabinet. Of course, the finishing touches are the signature. The Rolls-Royce has a nice carpet for a smooth ride, cashmere trim, and hidden umbrellas just inside the rear doors.  

  1. Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes-Benz is also an ultra-luxury chauffeur car. These cars have enough passenger rooms to recline, and its backrest angle makes it a high-class car to be chauffeured in. Since the Mercedes Benz has a good rest and support system, passengers are assured of enjoying a smooth ride. Aside from the possession of a double screen rear-seat and a good sound system, it also comes with a rear-console refrigerator with silver-plated champagne flutes, fold-out tables, and a distinctive perfume scent. 

  1. Sedan

The Sedan car, which is usually a three-seat passenger car has various options that make it chauffeur-ready. It has a long-wheel of up to 36.7 inches and several good packages that change the driver\’s car into a passenger\’s car. This luxury car provides shade from the sun, and the seat can be electronically adjusted to meet individual needs, and it also relieves stress as the seat gives some form of massage. The Sedan is designed to make the passenger have a quiet ride. 

  1. SUV

Suv goes well in chauffeuring larger groups of people. This American made car also has upscale features and has fourteen inches added around the wheelbase length. The SUV is capable of seating up to five passengers and is made up of two rear rows. The entertainment system has tri-play options on its screen. The audio system has sixteen speakers placed around the cabin for passengers to enjoy an all-round experience. The sound system also comes with noise-cancellation options for those who don\’t like music, obstructing exterior road noise. The SUV has a cooling agent that helps to keep the drinks cool at all times.

  1. Limousine

A limousine fondly called \”limo\” is a large luxury ride mostly driven by chauffeurs, having a partition between the driver\’s and the passenger\’s compartment. 

The Limo has been in existence for a long time as an extravagant and good leather attributed to luxury. It also has a modern entertainment system and mood lighting. Also having a bar that holds and chills. 

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