6 Places In Nyc For Amazing Snow Photo Shoot

Catching fun in the snow is one event that the old and young look forward to experiencing yearly. There are many places, especially in the US, where Logan Black Car service can chauffeur you to incredible sights. Snowfall in New York City is always unique and mind-blowing due to its lovely views, and the city is top-notch. This gives the city the best place to enjoy snowfalls. New York City, known as the fashion hub, is also a place where fun-seekers or tourists tend to visit during winter due to the picturesque environment. Sure, New York City, like every other city, is crowded, but notwithstanding, there are great places to take shots during snowfalls. This article will give you a tour of amazing places in New York City where you can take nice shots and also make sure to have in handy your winter attire. Note that our Boston to NYC round trip service is always available to chauffeur you to any part of the city for a great photoshoot and sightseeing during this period.

Amazing Snowfall Places In New York City

  1. Central Park

Then Central Park is a fantastic place to go to take those lovely snow photos. This particular location is known to be full of life. It also looks adorable when taking a stroll through the trees covered with snow, and if you also decide to take a look at the popular bow bridge at central park. Central Park has provided that winter feeling that we all crave for when the season comes. And most importantly, it also has this magical feeling that gives one goose booms. 

  1. Madison Square Park

Another amazing spot to look out for is Madison Square Park. This park gives a flash of uptown, and it also serves as a link to the popular Flatiron Building. This particular building is distinctively unique, presenting us with lovely photogenic locations that leave a mark all the time. 

  1. Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge, located in New York City, is an evergreen bridge that never goes old irrespective of the season and time. The Brooklyn Bridge is also linked to Brooklyn Bridge Park, a superb spot for taking those lovely snowfall pictures. One benefit of this spot is that it keeps lots of people away from how cold the area is, which makes you have the golden chance to take lots of pictures.

  1. Stone Street 

Stone Street is located along the southern zone of the Financial District. Stine Street is known to be a very nice spot. It is also known as a place where you can decide to eat and drink or, better still, relax. Aside from all these, Stone Street is also a cool place to take those lovely snowfall photos. The street, which has a look of a cobblestone street, has lots of street lights, making one feel of the ancient world.

  1. Stuyvesant Street 

Stuyvesant Street, which is present around the East Village, is also located in New York City. One amazing feature here is the greens that continuously stream down the buildings, making it super lovely. Aside from all these, Stuyvesant Street in the East Village is an amazing spot for snow photos. It also provides easy access to picturesque sites like the City Cinemas Village East.

  1. Washington Square Park

Lastly on the list which you do not want to miss is Washington Square Park. You will get to see performances from different people along this park, but less of that will be seen when winter comes. Taking a shot here when snow falls is an excellent idea due to its exceptional architectural designs, making the picture look sharp and bright. 


Logan Black Car | Boston to NYC Round Trip

Aside from the above-listed places, there are also many lovely places you can take that shot when snowfalls in New York City. Furthermore, not just taking shots, furthermore, endeavour to sightsee the beautiful history of New York City in this exciting period. Our reliable car service is always ready to spice up your journey down to NYC. The views and shots during snowfall will not be disappointing. Book a ride now.